With a first name derived from the Sanskrit word meaning “jewel box”, it’s hard to imagine that Indian-born, Manhattan-based jewelry designer Manju Jasty would do anything else. However, having graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business, Manju successfully pursued a career in investment banking for nearly a decade before following her passion for fine jewelry.

“Jewelry is an intrinsic part of Indian culture,” says Jasty, who began her foray into design deconstructing and refashioning pieces that she had inherited but felt were too conventional or ornate. “My personal aesthetic is very simple and streamlined compared with traditional Indian style.”

During her tenure as an investment banker she would create a special piece for herself each year, sourcing materials and craftsmen in India. Encouraged by complimentary inquires about her designs from friends and family, Jasty began to gradually develop a private clientele via word of mouth.

After leaving the world of investment banking, Jasty turned her attention to creating her first collection. She wears the prototype of every piece, refining it in an interactive process to ensure they can be easily put on and removed by one’s self, and that the intricate detailing will not snag fine fabrics.

“While they may appear delicate, each piece in the collection is quite sturdy and feels wonderful against the skin. Wearing jewelry should be a physical pleasure and a source of joy.”

Manju Jasty Fine Jewelry


Manju Jasty creates her collection by casting a respectful but decidedly modern eye at traditional Indian jewelry and interpreting it in a “lighter,” fresh way. Influenced by her heritage rather than seasonal trends she finds inspiration in a wide variety of experiences: rich textiles (vintage saris), intricate architecture, be it modern or ancient (the jeweled idols and gold-encased temples found in Tirupati), and the beautiful simplicity of nature (early morning dew drops on a leaf).


Each exquisite work is fashioned with the finest precious stones collected from all corners of the globe. Focusing on gems of superb quality rather than size, Jasty teams with artisans with whom she has a deep trust, as they have worked with multiple generations of the women in her family. While Indian jewelry tends to be heavy, Manju Jasty’s pieces are quite light, brought to life by a combination of ancient and modern techniques in fine jewelry craftsmanship.


Focused on creating timeless, feminine pieces that can be worn by women regardless of their age, Jasty limits the color palette for each piece so that he beautiful craftsmanship is immediately evident. In considering the collection, she carves shapes in “negative” or empty space. Manju Jasty’s designs are at once familiar yet exotic; the shades, sophisticated and understated; the overall effect glamorous yet simple.